Friday, August 3, 2007

Long Arm of the Law

Its a true shame that law enforcement isn't involved more directly in the sales process. . .

Summertime, and a few of the sales engineers on the team were on vacation - I cover for someone in Texas, and I have a colleague from San Francisco cover the Chicago trip. Not unusual until I get a call right before my meeting.

"Hey, what's up. Where's *Dave*? We have a meeting that I flew here to cover and he's not here yet. We need to present in 20 minutes."

"I'll check."

20 minutes pass with no sign of *Dave*. *Jennifer* runs the call, no problem.

*Dave,* as it turns out, got into a mild (mild, mind you) fender-bender on the way to the call, with a woman hitting the rear bumper of his car.

*Dave* goes ballistic, screaming at the woman.

Police arrive; *Dave* continues erupting, demanding that the police "do something."

They did.

"Sir, turn around and put your hands on the hood of the car, you're under arrest."

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