Sunday, September 23, 2007

Top Ten Signs Your Sales Rep is About to Leave

  • During sales demo, explains that, while not proven, he suspects that your new product has proven to cause global warming

  • Shows up to work, exceedingly happy, like a lifer whose just been given parole

  • During cold calls, refers to your cutting edge solution as "that crap we sell"

  • On casual fridays, shows up wearing " Job Fair - Fall 2007" T-Shirt

  • Instead of the customary "hey", greets everyone with a hug and the instructions "come with me if you want to live"

  • Asks for assistance in downloading sales database to his jumpdrive. The new one, emblazzened with your competitor's logo.

  • Chats up the boss by asking if ever noticed that his (the boss') Porsche boxter is more of a chick's car

  • His linkedin profile has more personal detail than his DNA

  • His last expense reports include items ranging from "Mileage" to "War in Iraq".

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