Monday, November 26, 2007

Share Your Ideas

With "Annual Sales Meeting" season around the corner, we here at TSW would like your help in building a top ten list of "Signs You are at a Really Bad Sales Meeting".

There is really no limit on what topic your ideas can cover as long as they are relevant to the Sales Meeting experience.

Here are a few examples to inspire you:
  • The lunch-time motivational speaker leads a cult in Utah
  • Some Segment of a Chris Farley Movie is Played
  • The President's huge butt proves to be a real asset as VP of Sales has to retrieve '08 revenue projections from within
Please email your ideas to

Thank you.

1 comment:

Robert said...

A sign that you are at a Really Bad Sales Meeting is when....

you have practiced your own signature 230,432 times on a 6 x 9 Notepad (provided by the most upsacale Motel 6 you have ever seen)...

Also when....

The taste of Johnnys Discount Blend Coffee and powdered creamer are HIGHLIGHTS of the day. You may also want to add a stale bagel or moldy bread of your choice for good measure (provided by the Department of Corrections).

And finally....

You have strategically mapped out exactly how you are going to execute your new job search as soon as "The Role Playing Exercises" are complete and VP of Sales allows you to go home (roughly around 8pm)....and dont forget kids "We have a hard start time tomorrow at 8am so be on time!"

Just my experience!