Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thank You to Those Who Contributed

If you ever have the chance to be arrested at work (for a good cause) do yourself a favor and take it.

This was fantastic. No one, outside a select few, knew that this was staged for charity.

I arranged for a deputy to come in and announce that he was here to arrest me. As he approached me I cried out "Dont Tase Me!!!"

When he put me against the wall and cuffed me, everyone got quite.

As we walked out, an accomplice emailed everyone with an email asking to help raise my bail. We got like $4.82.

But thankfully our loyal following on The Sales Wars came through and helped us raise over $800 in one day for MDA.

The ride to the "jail" in the cruiser was the coolest. The deputy asked "Will it be ok if we go fast?"

Pursuit Speed in a Police Cruiser should be one of the things you need to put on that list of things you need to experience before you die. Plan ahead though, blogging evidently gives you a weak bladder.

Thank you everyone.

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